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Structural Reinforcement

Sherwood Park & Edmonton Structural Reinforcement Experts

Armour Foundation Repair evaluates the structure's strength by evaluating all load-bearing elements, including the foundation and the ground. It plans projects in such a way that they will run smoothly by taking a holistic approach to the entire system.

Armour Foundation Repair offers next-generation structural reinforcement products:

  • Carbon fibers

  • Carbon plates

  • Carbon composites with steel core

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What precisely is Structural Reinforcement? What Structures Require Reinforcement?

On structural elements, various processes and stages are used. These improve the structure's strength and performance, as well as its comfort. The project varies depending on the building's condition and needs, but the main goal is to provide "resistance to a certain load."

The following structures require repair or reinforcement:

  • Structures destroyed in an earthquake or natural disaster

  • Structures whose durability has been compromised or damaged as a result of corrosion or other chemical reactions

  • Structures built in accordance with previous earthquake regulations but lacking the strength required by current regulations

  • Structures vulnerable to an explosion, fire, or vehicle crash

  • Buildings that have undergone load-increasing renovations, such as floor additions

  • Structures with a functional shift (such as the conversion of residential buildings into structures such as hospitals, and schools)

  • Structures discovered to be weak due to a variety of factors in new constructions

Structural Reinforcement Stages

  • Foundation Reinforcement - When the foundation is insufficient to support the loads, or as a solution to a basic need that will adapt to and support the new system formed after the carrier system is strengthened, foundation reinforcement is used. The foundation, along with the ground, bears the system's loads. Adapting the foundation to bear the load of newly added structural elements in reinforcement projects to these new conditions, as well as its compatibility with the ground, is critical for the system to function.

  • Reinforcement of Structural System: Columns, Beams, and Slabs - Many project-specific methods for reinforcement processes that can be applied to reinforced concrete, masonry, wood, and steel structures must be detailed. Reinforcing a structural system is the process of redesigning the stiffness and ductility characteristics of structural elements, such as increasing load-carrying capacity and bending strength while taking into account the structure's overall situation.

Why Armour Foundation Repair in Structural Reinforcement?

  • Expertise in Cost, Time, and Security Management - The management of cost, time, and safety in building reinforcement projects is shaped by many parameters, including the condition of the building, its function, and the needs of the residents or businesses during the project. Armour Foundation Repair demonstrates its expertise in the field of reinforcement through the project's comprehensive and efficient management.

  • Strategic Approach to Reinforcement Projects - In some cases, making some structural elements more rigid may cause earthquake loads to concentrate on these elements. As a result, it could imply making it more easily broken and destroyed. Armour Foundation Repair assesses the structural strength as well as all load-bearing elements, foundation, and ground. And it takes a comprehensive approach to the entire system.

  • Innovative Products and Methods for Safe Solutions - Appropriate methods and detailed selection are critical in reinforcement projects to provide a healthy solution. There are numerous effective structural reinforcement methods. In practice, both traditional reinforced concrete and innovative methods and products can be used.

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We also service any project in Alberta.

Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Nisku, Leduc, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove

*An inspection fee may apply to areas other than those listed; however, this fee will be applied to any subsequent work.

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