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Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

Sherwood Park & Edmonton Sump Pump Repair Experts

We have been the go-to Edmonton Sump Pump installation and repair experts. Our years of experience allow us to install or repair any sump pump requirement your home or commercial building requires.

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We have Installed Many Sump Pumps in Edmonton

We've installed and repaired sump pumps in older homes without sump pumps, new homes with additional sump pumps, and commercial or industrial buildings with custom sump pump installations. We have the experience and knowledge to assess and install the appropriate sump pump application for your home or building. We take pride in what Edmontonians have to say about our sump pump services.

Installing Sump Pumps

When repairing sump pumps or installing additional sump pumps in your existing or new home, a few precautions must be taken when assessing your home's foundation for water seepage issues. Basement leakage, for example, can result from water trapped beneath your basement floor or rising alongside foundation walls. If your sump pump was installed on the wrong side of your foundation, drainage from your weeping tile to the sump pump may be difficult, and additional sump pumps may be required. Alternatively, if the water table beneath your home is unusually high, additional sump pumps may be required to deal with the extra water around your foundation.

Repairing Sump Pumps

Furthermore, if your existing sump pump isn't turning on after heavy rain, if your sump pump is constantly running, or if you suspect something isn't right, please contact our office to speak with one of our sump pump specialists. Whatever the issue, our experience with basement (foundation) leakage and sump pump installation and repair are unparalleled.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our scope of work or qualifications. Our team's expertise will ensure that Armour Foundation installs or repairs your Sump Pump system correctly the first time.

Estimates and evaluations are free, and we don't ask for payment until your repairs are completely finished.

What does it cost to replace a sump pump in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, the cost of replacing a sump pump ranges from $450.00 to $650.00 for a complete replacement, depending on the type of submersible sump pump used. The float switch mechanism attached to many variations of sump pumps can be repaired for as little as $50.00 to $150.00. which is the main cause of failure

Installing a new submersible sump pump and changing the plumbing that connects the pump inside the sump pit to the discharge outside the basement walls are included in the sump pump replacement cost. Most sump pump manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on their products; however, Armour Foundation Repair extends this warranty to at least three years from the date of installation.

Many of our clients report that their residential 1/3 hp submersible sump pumps last for 15-20 years.

How do I fix Window Wells filling up with water and leaking?

Because of clogged drainage, window wells can fill with water, preventing water from flowing down to your home's weeping tile system. When water accumulates in your home's window well, it can leak into the basement, causing significant water damage.

Excavate down and install a vertical drain to carry this water away from your basement's windows if your window wells are filling with water. Window wells are installed in basements where the windows are below grade. This corrugated window well's purpose is to keep the surrounding clay and topsoil from filling the pit in front of the window. The window well does not prevent water from entering the pit; rather, it prevents debris such as sand, soil, and leaves from clogging the "washed stone" filter, which allows water to flow freely to your weeping tile system. Without proper drainage, the pit will fill with water and leak into the basement at the junction of the concrete wall and the metal or window.

How do we install a sump pump system in your home?

The cleanliness of our work is one of the most frequently asked questions about sump pump installations. Customers frequently inquire whether the project will look the same as it did before we began. Our answer is yes. From the start, our main goal has been to leave your home looking as if we had never been there. This is one of the main reasons our company receives the most referrals in our industry, and it is what drives us to constantly improve our standards.

The following is the standard procedure we follow when installing sump pumps for our clients:

  • All questions and specifications are discussed with the homeowner before any work begins.

  • After receiving approval, we carefully break out the concrete floor from a strategic location in your basement. When finished, the sump pit sits at floor level and can be easily hidden beneath carpet or tile/hardwood openings.

  • The broken concrete is then removed, and the pit is excavated to a specific depth below the floor level.

  • In this excavated sump pit, we then supply and install a sump tank or equivalent.

  • Our technicians then compact approximately (10-12′′) of clay around the bottom of the pit to tightly hold it in place.

  • The remaining space is backfilled with clean stone to just below the original floor level before the concrete is replaced.

  • Then we provide and install a submersible sump pump with an automatic discharge switch. All plumbing, labour, and materials are then provided to connect the pump to your discharge system in order to move the water outside.

  • When the project is finished, the homeowner inspects it for approval.

  • Unlike most companies in our industry, we extend the factory warranty from one year to three years on all sump pumps installed.

How much does it cost to install a new sump pump and sump pit if my house does not already have one?

Installing a new sump pump and sump pit beneath your home's floor can cost between $2500.00 and $3500.00 for residential-grade sump pits. Commercial or industrial sump pump applications can cost much more than this. This price includes the installation of a 20′′ to 36′′ deep sump pit, which entails breaking out concrete in a specific area of the basement floor to fit and conceal beneath the carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring openings found in most basements.

How do I know my sump pump is working/running properly if it isn't running frequently?

Gravel surrounds the sump pump in the hole when some contractors install sump pumps, they may forget to explain how sumps work and what to look out for if a sump pump is broken or inefficient. In our decades of experience, we've discovered a few tips and tricks to keep your sump running smoothly all year.

To begin, we recommend that all homeowners first check to see if their sump pump is operational. This can be accomplished by plugging your sump pump directly into a wall outlet. Determine which plugins go directly to your sump and which go to a float mechanism that activates your sump pump. By directly plugging your sump pump into a wall outlet, you will bypass the float mechanism and it should turn on immediately if connected to power. This test confirms that your sump is operational; however, make sure to reconnect your sump to the float or it will run indefinitely.

The next step is to reconnect your sump pump to the float mechanism and then to the wall. The float allows your sump pump to be activated only when there is enough water in your sump pit. If you notice your sump pump isn't pumping water out when connected to the float, if the water line is noticeably above your float mechanism, or if the water line is nearly reaching the bottom of your floor, there could be a few issues you need to address right away.

Then plugging your sump pump directly into a wall outlet will assist in identifying the problem. Hopefully, your sump pump will activate and pump the water away from your house. If this still does not work, the best course of action is to contact a foundation expert to quickly identify the problem. Our team of experts can quickly help you prevent and reverse any foundation-related disaster because we've been in business in Sherwood Park and Surrounding Edmonton Area.

What does a sump pump and/or sump pit serve?

A sump pump is installed after the sump hole is filled with cement. Sump pits are 20-gallon containers that are placed in a convenient location in the basement, with the top of the pit at floor level. The pit is installed when the home is built recently. However, older homes (typically built in the 1950s and 1960s) may not have a sump installed. The water from the weeping tile system that surrounds your foundation drains into this pit and is pumped outside by a submersible pump near the pit's bottom.

During heavy rains, one function of the sump pit is to discharge weeping tile water outside rather than into the overburdened sewer system. Another option is to drain excess water trapped beneath the floor slab. Effective drainage and maintenance are critical. If the pit is not maintained, it can fill with water and leak into your basement from the ground up.

Sump pits have been installed in many homes where the weeping tile system drains into the sewer. This pit is connected to the catch basin beneath the floor. The sewer backup valve will close during heavy rains and flooding, preventing weeping tile water from entering the sewer. This water is pumped outside after being diverted to the pit. This process can only occur when the sewer backup valve is closed, which our specialists will determine in your home before any work begins.

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