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Window Well Repair & Waterproofing

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A window well is a trench-like excavated area outside of your basement window that consists of a steel metal sheet that acts as a retaining wall against the surrounding dirt to help drain water away. To prevent water from leaking into your basement, all basement window wells must be built below grade and must have proper drainage installed. Unfortunately, mistakes are made, and some people do experience water damage to their basements as a result of improper window well installation.


When a basement window causes water damage, the next step is to contact a window well repair professional to assess the situation and determine the cause of the well failure. Common issues include a homeowner not excavating down to the weeping tile for proper drainage when installing a new or enlarging an existing window well, or the well not being properly attached to the home's wall. When a window well is not properly attached, the ground beneath the well shifts from Edmonton's freezing temperatures, lifting the well and clogging the drain pipe with soil and debris.

Hire a team that has the equipment to properly excavate down to the weeping tile and the ability to pack down the soil firmly to prevent ground shift issues throughout the season to solidify window well repair. Once the area has been properly excavated, the well has been properly fastened to the wall, and gravel has been laid down at the footing above the weeping tile and at the base of the window to allow water to slowly flow to the storm drain, the window well is waterproofed.

Armour Foundation Repair has years of experience in window well repair and replacement. Please contact us if your window well is causing you concern. We can talk about your concerns and inform you of your options. We serve Sherwood Park and the surrounding Edmonton area.

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We also service any project in Alberta.

Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Nisku, Leduc, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove

*An inspection fee may apply to areas other than those listed; however, this fee will be applied to any subsequent work.

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