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Basement Waterproofing

Sherwood Park & Edmonton Basement Waterproofing Experts

Armour Foundation Repair has been waterproofing basements in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Armour Foundation Repair is the #1 recommended basement waterproofing contractor in Sherwood Park and the Edmonton Area.

Because we are familiar with the Sherwood Park & Edmonton area, soil types, and the proven waterproofing products and techniques to use depending on your unique basement waterproofing project, we know how to help our clients solve basement leakage issues the right way. Whether your basement leakage is caused by horizontal or vertical cracking, ineffective drainage, or basement seepage issues caused by multiple factors, our Edmonton team can provide a long-term waterproofing solution.

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What is the difference between waterproofing my basement and damp-proofing it?

Basement waterproofing in Edmonton is not the same as basement "damp-proofing," which foundation contractors provide when constructing new basements. Basement waterproofing entails the application of a brush-on or spray-on waterproofing product to provide a higher quality, more permanent solution to water seeping into basements through foundation walls. Because basement waterproofing is a more labor-intensive and time-consuming process, new home builders typically opt to simply damp-proof foundation walls.

Damp-proofing your basement will usually keep it from leaking for a few years - to a few decades, depending on the contractor. Because of Canadian freeze-thaw cycles, all foundation walls will crack over time, leaving lightly damp-proofed basement walls vulnerable to leakage.

Because of the thickness and durability of waterproofing membranes over damp-proofing graded materials, waterproofed basement walls are more resilient to movement.

What is the cost of basement waterproofing in Sherwood Park and the Edmonton Area?

Basement waterproofing in Edmonton can cost between $250.00 and $450.00 per linear foot of the foundation wall. This pricing scales down depending on the area requiring waterproofing and can include repairing any defects in the foundation wall, such as cracks and areas of leakage, and usually includes replacement of the weeping tile along the foundation walls footing.

This cost is also reflective of the repair method a company will use to first repair, and then waterproof, your basement walls, and usually includes the addition or replacement of any window wells in the area, vertical drains leading down to the weeping tile, and weeping tile replacement in excavated areas.

Armour Foundation Repair & partners have been waterproofing basement walls in Edmonton and we have experience across Alberta to properly assess and waterproof your basement walls.

My basement is leaking; how do basements get waterproofed?

Basement waterproofing entails excavating the soil around your foundation walls, shoring the surrounding soils, and then applying a waterproofing membrane that surrounds the exterior of your basement walls and protects the walls from the surrounding water table and penetrating moisture during the spring and fall months. Most basement waterproofing contractors will begin by repairing any foundation wall flaws, such as cracks, holes, or leaking joints. The existing walls are then covered with a waterproofing membrane, which is applied by brushing or spraying.

It is common for waterproofing contractors to inspect and replace the weeping tile surrounding the footing at this time, or to install new weeping tile if none was present. The area is backfilled after the waterproofing membrane has had time to cure.

We have gained the knowledge and expertise to properly waterproof basements in Edmonton and the surrounding area. This is due to our experience throughout Alberta, which has provided us with the foundation to keep your basement from leaking or seeping in the future.

Basement waterproofing warranty

We stand behind the quality of our basement waterproofing projects, and our 25-year warranty is included with all of our basement waterproofing services. Our basement waterproofing warranty also transfers with the sale of your home, increasing the resale value of your investments.

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